Collecting Payments DAILY, through Stripe

  1. Towards the end of each work day, collect Neighbor's payments from Slack #payments channel

  2. Login to When I Work

  3. Select schedule

    • Scroll to current day and tally up hours for each job

    • Select attendance, and select current pay period

    • **Make sure Builders adjust Son's scheduled time and clocked hours so they match up (Ie: they were scheduled for 9am-12pm, but they clocked out at 12:30pm)

Login to Stripe

Search the customer

  • If you need to find their e-mail, search their name in your gmail account or Agile CRM

Select create payment

  • Amount: Total hours x $25 + (materials? Tools? Truck? Milage fee? Tip?)

  • Description: Leave "Rent Sons"

  • Statement Description - ___h (total hours) + Materials? Tools? Truck? Mileage fee? Tip?

  • Select Charge