Agile is your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It stores detailed information about all Neighbors. When someone fills out a rental request through the website, 2 things happen:

A contact is created and a deal is set in place.

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When a contact is created, you can search any Neighbor by name, email, or phone number. Agile tracks every interaction you’ve had with them via email.

  • This is where you’ll add notes/details as “tags”.

  • The tag is basically like a Hashtag on Instagram.

  • Tags are important because it helps organize their info in our system: where their homes are (summer, full time, winter etc.) so we know to reach out to the area as we expand.

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Click + Add to add a tag.

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When a job requested comes in, it is created as a Deal. Select Deals on left sidebar to see portal.

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There are 8 steps to a Deal:

1. Lead

2. Rental Request

3. Neighbor Account Set-Up

4. Job Confirmed

5. Job Completed

6. Neighbor and Son Check In

7. Final Payment

8. Google Review or Coupon

When the request comes in, it is automatically added to the portal under rental request. Your job is to move them through these steps accordingly. When the final step is completed, select edit icon on bottom right of box, and select Archive (bottom right).

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