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Nov 15, 2017 | Updates

The Heart Behind the Business

There are a lot of companies that focus on getting a task done and doing it well, as well as getting a good price and making good money.

That’s what the world and the economy focuses on…that transaction, easy as 1,2,3! But what we care about, what we’re all about, (besides doing a great job of course), is what happens on that job, what happens in the hearts of the Community Builders, of the Sons and Daughters and the Neighbors.

We care about the conversations that happen, the advice that’s exchanged, the listening that unfolds and the stories that take place; that hard manual labor with another that gains their respect and grows one’s character. We know these are the simple relational moments that define us. They are what matter in the end. It’s never the big ones, never the time you won something. It’s the time your dad said, “listen son…” or when a mentor asked you a deep question or a teacher gave you a book that changed your mind. Those are the moments that alter your character, that set you on a track to live the life you’re on.

Sometimes, I think back to the friends in high school, the ones I decided to not hang out with anymore, how some are now in rehab or in jail. How easily I could have gone that route, how fragile we are as young adults!

Coasting, or what I like to call “bopping” through life is one thing. Figuring out the path to a good life is another– But building a great life is an art. There’s so much to learn and not a lot who really know how to figure that out; how to truly come alive. Despite high incomes and standards of living, despite nearly universal access to education, despite endless hours of entertainment and even apps that bring us relationships with a simple like, comment or swipe right; the depression rate is at an all-time high. Kids are changing jobs every two seconds, and social media can kill us with comparison and FOMO (fear of missing out).

Despite our access to education, entertainment, and money, we are starved of guidance on intentional living. Everyone is supposed to just “figure it out” but, that doesn’t seem to be working too well. Young people are not being shown how to live a truly full life, one that’s not just about money and experiences but about community, intentionality, and purpose.

That’s what we think about at Rent Sons. We see ourselves as an incubator of young adults. We gather information from the top minds in the world and bring people together to produce a unique growth track. We exist to enable young people to live intentionally. And we believe that relationship and community is a big part of getting there. Here on the blog, we want to share the stories of what’s happening in that relational space, of what’s happening beyond the transaction, because that’s the heart behind our business.

Our deep human desire goes far beyond the transaction; it’s to truly know one another. It’s to belong to something. To have purpose in something. To be making a change in yourself and in the world. Because what is a business in the end? Yes, to make a profit to thrive, but more than that it’s a grand mission. Peter Thiel, head of the “PayPal mafia” calls it a group of people with a “conspiracy to change the world.” We have a vision to make something better and the Rent Sons mission is to bring people together and grow the young adult generation out of bopping.

Yes, we’re excited to tell you about how the business is growing, what we’re learning, and the cities we’re adding to our list. But more than that, this blog is a space for us to tell you what’s happening in the hearts of the Sons, in the heads of the Neighbors, and how we’re actually coming together in this time that feels like we are all so apart. We’re excited you’re here and hope you join us in our journey.


Pat Brown

(polished by Tiffany Owens)