The Unseen Value of Hard Work

Mar 27, 2018 | Updates

Achieving True Success

A few weeks ago I went to visit Rion, one of our newest Neighbors. He’s a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy who recently moved with his family from California to Rhode Island.

When we initially met, I was welcomed with a warm smile and a handshake. He expressed how much he loved everything we were doing at Rent Sons. But the thing that stood out to me the most was his appreciation for hard work. For example, he had just moved into their new home for the next couple of years and he was really excited about being able to mow the lawn and raking the yard full of leaves.

Now, most of us, when we hear about work like this, we think, “Ugh, chores.” We think about our childhood, where being told to clean the dishes or take out the trash was like torture. Manual labor is something we dread, but Rion saw value in hard work.

And at Rent Sons, we couldn’t agree more with him.

He told me three things we should appreciate about hard work.

First, it creates a “free range zone” for your mind. When you’re working hard, be it on odd jobs, yard work or home repairs, your mind really focuses on learning the task and making sure you’re doing it right. But after a while, it becomes effortless. Your body takes over, giving your mind space to think freely. You’re in the moment, just working away, giving your brain permission to wander, to think, to open up. It’s therapeutic. Even better than that, it increases your mental resilience. Manual labor often pushes you beyond your boundaries physically and mentally, forcing you to grow.

Second, when the experience is shared with other people it becomes an opportunity to create bonds. Away from the distractions of technology and social media, you’re able to be fully present. When you’re working with another person, it creates a space for the two (or more) of you to get to know each other, to move beyond polite pleasantries, to talk about deeper things and to build trust.

Third…it feels good! Painting a house or stacking logs might seem mundane, but finishing those tasks is super rewarding for your brain. It gives you a chance to experience an instant sense of accomplishment that boosts your confidence. This confidence and sense of mastery then spills over into the rest of our lives.

At Rent Sons, we’re committed to helping our Sons and Daughters become the best version of themselves. We believe hard work and learning to master those “annoying” tasks can be a valuable part of that journey.

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