Sep 25, 2018 | Updates

Last week our content director/photographer shot up to Nova Scotia for a weekend of hiking, surf, and endless adventures.

This was his story:

“It’s better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.” I heard this quote a few years back when I first got into traveling and its fueled every trip I’ve taken since. About two weeks ago my best friend called me and said “hey dude, what are you doing next weekend? Wanna go to Nova Scotia?” He went on to say he heard about a deal going on where we can get super cheap tickets to take the ferry from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. We looked into that night, checked our following weekend plans and booked it. The theme of this trip quickly became spontaneity.

We loaded up his jeep that following Friday morning and headed off to Maine. We didn’t really have a plan. We had surfboards, a tent, some hiking gear, and some cameras. We knew we wanted to hit the northern part of NS which is where one of their famous national parks was located. When we docked that evening, we drove 8 hours straight through the night to get up north. Around 530 that morning we realized we both needed some sleep. We pulled off onto this backroad that led us down to the beach. We parked the jeep and while my buddy got the tent set up and went for a nap I noticed a little point break right down the beach. Although sleep was needed, this was my first opportunity to cross another country off my list of countries to surf in. I grabbed my board and paddled out solo right as the sun came up. I sat in the water, completely isolated just bobbing up and down reflecting on how insane life is and what kind of life I’ve created for myself. This was just the beginning of what was going to be an insane weekend.

We spent that weekend covering the entire province of Nova Scotia, doing about 4 different hikes, surfed a few breaks, and just lived in the moment. We both got to see our first Moose in person, we watched whales breaching on our ferry ride home, and we got to camp in some of the most unreal places. This was definitely a weekend I will never forget.

So many people ask me all the time, “Why do you travel so much?” or “Why are you guys going here?” I usually always respond the same way, “why not?”

I firmly believe life was not meant to just work, pay bills, and wait for the weekend. I’ve been striving these last few years to create a life focused around all the things I love doing and a lot of what I do and what happens in my life is all revolved around a similar theme: spontaneity.

Hope you enjoyed the story of my trip. Heres some of my favorite shots from the trip!