Oct 15, 2018 | Updates

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.”

Living in the Ocean State it is very easy to develop a strong connection to the water. A decent amount of our staff are dedicated and passionate surfers so if we ever miss a call or are late responding to an email there’s a good chance it’s because there’s some good waves.

We asked some of the employees at Rent Sons about their love for surfing & here’s what they had to say.

Pat Brown (CEO)

Photo: Dave Sarazen

“Surfing is a time where I can have no phone and just be in nature. It allows me to grit my teeth and push myself to potentially put myself into scary situations then get the heart pumping. The beauty always takes me back big time”

Corey Favino (Content Marketing Director)

Photo: Dave Sarazen

“Surfing is my escape. I’m on a wave and nothing else matters. It’s also the one place where I can feel totally connected to the water. The moment you catch the wave and you instantly become a part of it. It’s no longer just you and the water, you are one, you’re riding this wave totally at the mercy of the ocean and the feeling is like no other.”