Finding Your Why

Nov 9, 2018 | Updates

I sat down with a friend earlier this week and we talked about life over some burritos. The main theme of our conversation came down to “Why?”

We both went back and forth trying to find out what was the root of what it was we were both pursuing, and why we were doing it. We used the “5 Whys” technique. This technique is demonstrated by asking an original question and following each answer with “Why?” 5 times and you will ultimately get to the root of a problem and ideally a solution.

Read more about the “5 Whys” here:

After we talked about our whys and got to the root of our purpose in life, we started to outline our values. We each took 5 minutes and a piece of paper and wrote out two lists. We wrote 5 of our values and 5 things that define our purpose. We both have the problem of saying yes to everything, and so we agreed that going forward, anything that falls outside of our purpose and values we would say no to, and anything that falls inside of them we would say yes to. Of course, most everything is situational, but in a general guideline, we both agreed to this.

There’s a wonderful TED talk by Simon Sinek about implementing this into the creation of a business and why companies that do this prosper and ones that do not, fall behind. The message from this TED talk can go far beyond entrepreneurs and can be applied to everyday life. It has started shifting the way I process my environment and day to day life as well as given me a new perspective. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.