Introducing: Son Stories

Feb 11, 2019 | Updates

People had been standing in line for 2.5 hours. The wait was 4 hours long but, somehow, we ended up getting the only 2 seats at the bar of American Flatbread. As my friend and I sat, the bartender insisted we read “the dedication”, a seemingly random, but inspiring, printed-out story about someone not affiliated with the company. I asked the bartender “Did the owner write this?”, and they said “yes, and as a matter of fact, he’s right over there.”

The owner of the 16 franchise, wildly successful, pizza parlor that is American Flatbread, was stuffing the new “dedications” into all the menus and I went over to thank him for writing them. I also asked “When do you have time to write these?!”

As the owner of a growing business, my life is so sucked up by things like driving revenue and improving operations. However, why I run this business is to see the growth of young adults and the beautiful stories that come from these young adults serving their neighbors. These stories often get pushed to the bottom of our to-do list as there are always more pressing issues.

He responded, “I make the time. I wanted to thank people along the way that helped influence me as if it wasn’t for them, this pizza place wouldn’t exist.” These stories lit him up with excitement and I could tell it was something he was deeply passionate about. I began to tell him how he inspired me and I’ve been fighting to do the same.

I thought, this man must be so much busier than I am, and these stories have nothing to do with directly driving revenue or operations. Yet he finds the time. When I told him about the Son Stories we are introducing he said: “You may not know what to do with them right now, but it’s worth your while to capture those moments in time.”

Coincidently, this happened the day before we planned to launch our first Son story. We aren’t completely sure where this will go, but the stories of growth, service, bonding, and agape is why we made this business in the first place and we can’t let them go untold any longer.

Introducing Son stories, where we tell whats happening. We hope they connect and inspire you. Thank you for reading.


Pat Brown