Son Stories: Matt Neel

Feb 18, 2019 | Updates

If you walk into Rent Sons HQ at 55 Cromwell St. on a Tuesday morning and look over to your left, you’re likely to notice an elevated room filled with blue and pink stage lights, a rotating disco ball, as well as some green, yellow, and white lasers. Unfortunately, those aren’t your standard conference room lights. You’ve detected the presence of Matt Neel.

Matt changes the environment. His lighting expertise transforms our office meetings into spaces where we’re willing to dream. His personality and character reminds the team that we’re here for Neighbors (what Rent Sons calls our clients), and he’s often the source of invaluable reminders about their concerns and needs.

A testament to Matt’s character is that he owns the longest-standing Neighbor-Son relation in the company. He’s worked for her over 100 times and has become part of her family. To the point that they even spend thanksgiving together. Matt’s been a painter, mover, handyman, chauffeur, cleaner, and, most powerfully, a friend. More than anyone else, neighbor’s specifically ask for Matt and there’s a reason for it. I asked Matt a few questions that we hope give you a picture of why we consider him a “Senior Son Coach”.


“What do you most enjoy about Rent Sons?”

“Honestly, I mostly enjoy meeting the Neighbors, Sons, and Daughters. and building relationships with them. I love people and I especially get excited when I meet new Neighbors and Sons/Daughters. I also love that I get to travel to different locations for each job around RI and see interesting towns, cities, and villages that I probably would have never gone to if not through Rent Sons”

“That’s true. I’m a typical Rhode Islander, I had never even heard of Little Compton before working with Rent Sons. Here’s a deeper question, what is your passion? What kind of difference do you want to make in the world with that passion? How?”

“My passion in life is setting the atmosphere where I go. What I mean by atmosphere is the tone, mood, and/or vibe others feel when they are around me or, others I’m with. I usually do this using lights and music to create feelings of excitement or peacefulness or warmth. Atmosphere can also be set by how you, carry yourself around others, your presentation (body posture, tone of voice, hand gestures) when speaking or listening to them, and whether or not you choose to treat them with kindness and respect. I want to use everything I’ve learned about setting the atmosphere in places and with people to spread the Love of Jesus to, others by not just my words, but also my actions and how I present myself.”

“It’s an intangible thing, but what you’re saying reminds me of emotional intelligence! If you have high emotional IQ, you know when someone respects you, sees you as an equal, or is trying very hard, just tolerating you. Showing them sincere kindness is a huge piece of why I think Neighbors remember you and ask for you specifically.

On that note, what is one tip you would give to any new sons?”

“One tip I would give new Sons/Daughters is to learn to love the people (Neighbors) your working for by listening to their stories, working hard for them, respecting them, and elevating them higher than yourself.”

Matt Neel is the real deal.

– Manny, Providence & Northern RI Community Builder