A day we won’t forget

Feb 25, 2019 | Updates

As we expand through out Massachusetts, we’ve been able to help our coastal Neighbors with their other homes in the city. We recently launched Boston and the manager there, Isac, experienced a day he will never forget. This is what he has to say,

“We did our first mass to Rhode Island move. This was for a gentleman who was very much on the back end of a NDE. The Neighbor had previously gone through 5 major invasive surgeries and was bedridden for nearly three years! He explained his story to us which was bleak and grim. The details with which a movie could be written around. I recall him telling us that this was the most activity he has been a part of in years. He said it was good for him but it was taking its toll on him. I think one of the most significant things in his story was the poor condition of a home he was living in Cambridge, MA. To then being moved to a gorgeous 9 bedroom house on the beach in RI. It was almost like a death to life situation. So much so that when we said our farewells and gave him a final handshake, he look both myself and Evan in the eyes and said ‘guys, you have literally saved my life today, this would not have happened without you and your help.’ This moved me, and impacted me in ways that are inexplicable.