Power of Persistence

Mar 25, 2019 | Updates

-The Power of Persistence-

We had joined the Newport Chamber of Commerce well over a year ago now. It was a season of going after Networking groups. We were getting our name out there as a company and we knew that we had to start building consistent relationships and business partnerships. This meant the likes of Chambers, BNI’s, Young Professionals, Board of Realtors and everything else under the sun. The Newport Chamber was just one of many.

We started out with such excitement and enthusiastic energy, believing these investments would bear fruit for Rent Sons in due time. We held to our mottos; “Consistency and perseverance, no matter what”, “Every relationship matters”, “Keep showing up”, “Have faith in the small beginnings”. But as slower days came during the cold season we began to question whether or not we had joined too impulsively and if the network investments would actually begin to pay off.

Our response? Double-down. Not only did we decide to continue on, but to lean all the more into our commitment. We chose to hold to our original core values and beliefs ; that Rent Sons would grow through genuine heartfelt relationships. Real people, face to face, in community together.

As time went on we began to build trust with the Chamber. Showing face at every business-after-hour network, annual dinner, monthly gathering, grand-opening and community event , we began not only to be noticed but to form true friendships. Before long we were offered opportunities from presenting on the local Newport radio station and getting asked to sponsor our own Chamber event, to receiving a nomination for a prestigious business award. What started out as simply joining an organization gradually began to feel like family.

But it wasn’t until this past Wednesday at the Newport Annual Chamber Awards at the Ocean Cliff that this momentum was solidified. It was the large, swanky, anybody-who’s-anybody- goes kind of dinner event, where people get big awards, talk about yearly financials and wine and dine the night away.

It was the three of us -Pat Brown (CEO), Pat Martin (East Bay Community Builder) and myself – rolling up in our typically ragged bohemian street attire and Hawaiian shirts ready to stand out, network and tell the masses about who we are. But as the night rolled along after much robust conversation, laughter and connections, we began to realize how many in attendance we not only knew, but had organically formed genuine relationships with. Before long we were being introduced to influential business owners and congressmen with the kindest of words to say about our company and the values we stood for. For us, to witness a room full of such influential movers and shakers where our company had actually become common knowledge was nothing short of humbling.

The night slowly came to a close and as crowds began to empty out into the cold night, our Rent Son crew stayed to the end, as we always do, offering to help shut down the party. As we chatted candidly exchanging hugs and handshakes, we began to look at one another with a keen awareness that this was a touchstone moment and benchmark for our journey. We were experiencing the product of day in day out relational consistency and what it means to keep “showing up”. We left the event that night seeing first hand what it’s like to experience the power of persistence.