Copy of Rent Sons is stupid as S**T


Sometimes it seems like we live in a vortex of hateful comments written from behind a computer screen. It’s hard to even turn on the news or go on facebook without feeling your heart sink to your stomach.

Dr. Martin Luther King once said a root of much of human hatred is “the Drum Major Instinct”. It’s the desire to be that person who stands out-in-front of the rest of the band swinging the baton ahead of the rest of the drummers. The reason that instinct leads us to hate is that when that instinct is not turned the right way, it becomes a constant source of unhappiness. That unhappiness leads us to start putting others down in order to make ourselves feel better. In some way, shape, or form, we all have the Drum Major Instinct.

That’s the way society has trained us to respond. Come up with some sort of mean, hateful, I’ll prove my worth, come back. Bring that person below our level and get people to cheer us on. Make it a fight.

The other side people advised Pat to respond is to not respond at all and just ignore it. “he’s just mad.” “he’s just ___”

However, I say the screw ups and the hate is our moment to shine. Without those, our love would go unnoticed. These are the moments to stand against the hate and unite in the bigger issue here.

As a company, this is our political stance.

To always stand on the side of Agape. To love our Neighbors. Help them with whatever they need and respond to hate with love. Maybe the response will be ignored and they will continue in their ways.

But maybe, just maybe, they’ll be inspired to change. To stop their hateful comments. To break the hate in their heart and take the higher road for how they treat their Neighbor.

Call us crazy, but thats how we chose to do business and life.

Patrick Brown