CB Job flow

From Initial Job Request → Final Interaction

You receive an email that a job came in

  • Analyze the request.

  • Look up the Neighbor in Agile and Stripe to make sure they created a Neighbor Account.

  • Get questions ready

If Moving

  • Does the job entail straps?

  • Moving a couch: Is it a sleeper?

  • How large is the space being moved? (Rough square footage)

  • Are items already packed? Or do we help with that?

  • Am I going to need a Uhaul or truck (+$$)

If Painting

  • If it's a bigger job, we should pick up the tools and materials (+$$)

  • How many rooms?

  • How many windows?

  • Trim? Ceiling? Just walls?

If Landscaping

  • How big of a yard is it?

  • Is the Neighbor working with them?

  • Power Tools? 

  • Ladder? 

Using the Neighbors preferred method of contact, reach out to the Neighbor to confirm job (within 24 hours of request).

  • Always use your Google Voice number for call/text with Neighbors (You don’t want to give out your personal cell).

  • Speak with confidence and boldness.

  • If don’t don't hear back, try the other 2 methods of contact.

Ask about the job

  • Will the Son be working alone or with Neighbor?

    • If ALONE suggest 2 Sons (you want pairs).

    • If WITH suggest 1 Son (unless heavy moving or large project).

  • Confirm the date, time, and how many Sons.

  • Make the price breakdown clear! Will there be a charge for ladders, tools, van, etc?

  • Give exit line: "Look forward to working with you. Chat soon."

Post the Open Shift

  • Post job on When I Work

    • Schedule = Community

    • Job Site = Neighbors name and location of job. Be sure to include the Neighbors phone number!

    • Position = Type of job

    • Description = Be as detailed as possible! Any special skills needed? Heavy items? Does the Neighbor have a great sense of humor? Is there poison ivy?

1-2 hour before job

  • Text the Sons on the job in a group message.

  • Make sure they're awake (especially on Saturdays).

  • Any details they need to remember. Tools? Truck? Materials?

Own that job

  • Be available as if you were there. You’re one ring away.

  • Make sure Sons clock in and out correctly.

If a new Neighbor or new Son, check in at job site

  • The importance of showing face is vital. It shows the Sons you care and shows the Neighbor you’re there.

  • $2 touch

  • Do they Sons have questions?

  • As a Community Builder, it's your job to find out how else we can serve the Neighbors so they hire us back.

    • Did they mention another job while you were there? Bring up the rental form on your phone and fill it out along side them!

  • Make sure everyone is happy.

After Job is Completed...

  • Call/text Son(s) to make sure that they clocked in/out and see if the job went over scheduled time.

  • If according to the Son the Neighbor seemed happy, text them the google review link.

  • If bad experience, reach out personally to the Neighbor and give 1 free hour or do what you need to do to make it right

  • Send the Neighbor their detailed invoice via Simple Invoice. If their invoice isn't paid in 18 hours by the Neighbor themselves, the Community Coordinator will charge their card.