community builder responsibilities

Daily Objectives

  • Group Txt night before. Go over details,
    • Tools? U-hauls?
      • Allows them to communicate
  • Rally Call/group text with Sons 1 hour before any shifts start
    • Hey guys, Confirm _. 
      • Encouraging
        • If don't pick up, call them.
  • Making sure that each shift is covered by the necessary amount of Sons.
    • Reach out to Step Son if theres a No-Show and communicate openly with Neighbor
  • Discuss job details with Neighbors and visit large jobs.
    • Condense to one e-mail as much as we can
  • Visit Jobs that are first time Sons and first time Neighbors
  • Follow up with that day’s jobs via phone call with Neighbor and Son
    • 1st Son - Phone call.
      • "How'd it go?" 
        • Show a sincere interest. Let them tell you a story. This builds loyalty.
      • "Did you get tipped? Want to make sure you're taken care of"
        • Shows you care that they make money.
      • "Mention future jobs? Garage/basement? Paint pealing? weeds? Junk?"
        • Teaches them to look for up-sell. Makes them feel like they are a part of the sales process. Use this opportunity to teach them about how to up-sell the next time. Do your best to make sure they work that next gig
      • "Be sure to clock in and out so your pay is correct"
        • ill save you tons of head aches and make sure you're invoicing the neighbor correctly
      • Send before and After pics
        • Insures quality control
    • 2nd Neighbor - Phone call. If no response, follow up with e-mail
      • How'd it go?
        • This allows you to build relationship. If you can guide this into a personal connection it will strengthen your bond.
        • If it went poorly, assess the situation for how to make it right. Do we need to go back and fix it? Do we offer a free hour on the next job? Goal is to FOSTER the relationship
      • How can we improve? 
        • Shows that you're open to advice and criticism. You value their opinion. This can drastically alter how the perceive the company especially if things went wrong. This is where we can learn. Put this feedback into SLACK. Bring it up at the next meeting
      • Schedule the next job? (find the up-serves from Sons)
        • "The Sons mentioned there was ______________. Wondering you'd like me to come check that out or schedule a time for the Sons to come conquer that job.
          • "If yes, book it right then. Don't have them go back through the site etc. Just put it in wheniwork
          • If maybe/no, ask a time to follow up with them and set a TASK reminder in Agile. 
            • Example: Landscaping - Want us to come for a fall clean up or come in a couple weeks for X hours to clean up the weeds that grow back?
            • Moving - Will you need help doing a junk removal of all the boxes?
            • Painting - Want me to follow up when its warm out to do painting?
      • Leave the Sons a tip?
        • If the Son said they left a tip, don't ask this. Also don't ask if they said the job went OK or bad.
      • Breakdown total - "Settling Up"
        • "So to settle up, its X Sons for X hours at $30/h + (tip, u-haul, dump fees, etc) comes to ______. Is it ok to run your card? Perfect. I'll shoot you an invoice now"
          • "Settle up" is a very approachable and professional phrase.
      • We work on referrals, so if you can let people know by e-mail or post a google review, it would mean the world!
        • Send them a blurb on what to send out or the link to your local google review
        • This is extremely important in growing your local business. We will get to a point where no marketing is necessary.
  • Send daily invoices via Simple Invoice. All invoices from that day are due by the end of the day.
  • Add any reimbursements/tips for Sons into the #sonpay channel in Slack.
  • Over-see Senior Sons and make sure that they are doing what they’re
  • By the end of every day, all hours need to be adjusted, all Neighbors & Sons need to be called, all invoices need to be in. This will effect your pay if not kept up with.

Do things that DON’T Scale, take care of your Neighbors above and beyond

Weekly Objectives

  • Every Monday Rally call to each Son summarizing their claimed shifts and letting know about open shifts for that week.
  • Monday mornings → 2x check alignment of Son’s scheduled and clocked hours from rpevious week.
  • Tuesdays → Submitting your manager hours from the week before into your spreadsheet.
  • Every other Tuesdays Arriving to bi-weekly meetings prepared and with insight/ideas.
  • Reaching out to Neighbor’s to figure out how to generate more business within their Networks
  • Reach weekly goals given by the Son Exec (Pat Brown)
  • Call/text/email Sons in your community with a reminder to set their availability.

Monthly Objectives

  • Meeting the month’s financial goals.
  • Over-seeing the “Son Job Checklist” and making sure that the Senior Sons are filling it out.
  • Attend Networking events 

Quarterly Objective

  • Meeting the quarter’s financial goals.
  • Checking the Senior Sons goals and making sure they are met.

Down Time

  • Calling new Sons to introduce themselves and get to know them.
  • Meeting up with Son’s for coffee/snack (maximum $100/month allowance).
  • Connecting with repeat Neighbors over coffee.
  • Any external business you can drive
  • Goals → checking where they are versus the month’s goal.
  • If you haven’t heard from a Neighbor in a while, call/text/email them to remind them you’re here for anything they need.

What will hold up you getting paid?

  • Not getting ALL invoices for the prior work week sent to the Neighbor before the Monday after the pay week ends. You're paid once the money hits our bank account.
  • Not doing your responsibilities where another builder or admin has to frequently step in.

What will hurt your pocket?

  • If you don’t verify that a Neighbor has their card on file in Stripe. If they don't pay the invoice within 18 hours of it being sent and we don't have a card on file to charge, you are responsible for compensating the Sons yourself. 
  • If you take too long to respond to Neighbors, they'll go find help elsewhere and not use us. 

What are KPI’s?

  • Key Performance Indicators are specific and critical numbers used in your business that measure how well the business is performing.
  • Part of performance management is setting goals with members of your team.
  • “What is measured gets done.”
  • If you set a goal around a certain outcome, the changes of that outcome occurring are much higher, simply because you have committed to managing and measuring the result.