community builder responsibilities

Daily Responsibilities

  • Make sure you’re filling your Open Shifts atleast two days in advance
  • Set up Monday shifts on Friday/Saturday,
    • Don’t leave that until Sunday night
  • Generate business within your network
    • Look through CRM
    • Your FB
    • Your Friends and family
  • Make sure your area is covered with the marketing material
    • Become a Son cards, lawn signs, “Rent Young Adult” cards
  • Generate more business
    • E-mail & call marketing within your community
      • Get creative. It’s on you to build up your community. Make it your own.
      • Use your down time effectively
      • Where to put lawn signs?

      • Place cards at stores

      • Make sure Sons clock in and out

Do things that DON’T Scale, take care of your Neighbors above and beyond

  • Same with the Sons, let them know you’re there for them
    • Get a beer with them
    • Give them a call to say what up
    • Encouraging texts
    • If they need you, be there for them

End of Day

  • Adjust hours on your community schedule of what was actually worked
  • This needs to match the time sheet and total charge to Neighbor
  • Add total payment for each neighbor in Slack channel: “#payments"
    • Neighbor’s Name
    • # hours - $price
    • tool/van rental - ($30)
    • Tips: (if neighbor added tip to the card payment)
    • Total $____

End of Week

  • Make sure your Sons have logged their hours and how many jobs they’re up to
  • Make sure all payments are collected from Neighbors
  • Discuss pay with Admin in your Manager Pay Sheet
  • Any credit card tips? Specify to who in Slack

What will hold up your payment?

  • Not setting up Neighbor account
  • Need money to come in before it goes out
  • If you fall below your average hours/week
  • Not doing your responsibilities where another manager or admin has to frequently step in

What will hurt your pocket?

  • If you don’t set up a Neighbor Account before the job happens and then we can’t get ahold of that Neighbor, you’re responsible for paying the Sons
  • If you don’t put a Neighbor request in

What are KPI’s?

  • Key performance indicators are specific and critical numbers used in your business that measure how well the business is performing.
  • Part of performance management is setting goals with members of your team.
  • “What is measured gets done.”
  • If you set a goal around a certain outcome, the changes of that outcome occurring are much higher, simply because you have committed to managing and measuring the result.

Main Things

  • Agile
  • How to use the flow
  • When I Work
  • Slack
  • All training tools
  • The Website