Certified Sons

We Certify all Sons and Daughters!

That means when you “Rent” Sons, you can have confidence that you’re not just getting a random neighborhood kid. We can vouch that the Sons are responsible, hard-working young adults, and we have verified that they have the skills they need to complete your job with excellence.

There are ​five badges​ that a Son or Daughter must earn before becoming a Certified Sons: 1. ​Good Work​, 2. Painting​, 3. ​Landscaping​, 4. ​Odd Jobs​, and 5. ​Moving​. The badges are approved by the local Community Manager after we have either personally witnessed or received third-party verification (like from a past employer) that they know what they’re doing!

Certified Son Badges


Good Work :

Consistently finishing strong, communicating well, being on time, not assuming, taking direction well, and getting favorable ratings from Neighbors.


Painting :

Knowing the steps to paint a room, and how to prep, prime, cut, roll, and the uses of different paint sheens.


Landscaping :

Knowing how to weed, trim hedges, deep weed, prune, mulch, and edge a lawn or garden.


Odd Jobs :

Knowing how to find a stud, basic screw heads, how to use an impact drill, how to hang TVs and pictures, and how to build IKEA furniture.


Moving :

Knowing how to drive a 26’ truck, using moving straps, ratchet straps, dollies, how to pack items, wrap, and load a truck, being able to move heavy items, and being physically fit with endurance.

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A Neighbor recently wrote…


“I would give them 10 stars if I could. I had 3 great college kids Adam, Ben & and Sam. I hired 3 Sons for 3 hours for junk removal. They were so polite & professional.”


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Grow the World’s Youth

We have kids growing up who are so attached to their phones that they have a hard time navigating life. We are passionate about teaching people that life is meant for thriving, not just surviving.

Odd jobs teach life. There’s something about the simple interactions between people, working hard, and finishing a job strong that stretches deep into their character and affects them for the rest of their lives.

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