Account Set Up

If this is your first rental, our final step is to set you up for payment. No rental charges are made until the job is done and you're happy. We just charge $1 to set up your Neighbor account and test the card on file!

Price Breakdown

To recap, its $30/h/Son with a two hour minimum. You pay the time you rent + any additional time you keep the Sons. If the project ends early, we recommend giving them something else to do for the remaining time!

Settling Up

We will reach out via phone/e-mail/text after the job. If we don't hear back from you within 12 hours, we will assume all went well, run your card, and send you the receipt! The card that you submit with your Neighbor Account is the card that will be charged. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your request is not completely submitted until your account with payment is created - we do not accept checks or cash!


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