When I Work

Adding Job Site & Creating Shift

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When a job request comes in, you receive an email that says _________ Job (ie: Narragansett Job) in the subject line.

Refer to the details in the "Your _____ Job" email.

If this is the Neighbor's first rental, select the wheel at the top right of the When I Work Scheduler and select JOB SITES.

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Add Job Site

Name: *Neighbor's Full Name*

Schedule: *Your Community*

Address: (ie: 16 Ottawa Trail, Narragansett RI, 02882)

Description: *ALWAYS the Neighbor's phone number*

Select Add Job Site, bottom right corner

Depending on the shift type, choose a color using the following key:

Yellow - Weekly Rental

Green - New Neighbor

Light Blue - Mobile App Request

Dark Blue - New Son

Red - Real Estate Agent

Orange - 1 Hour Shift

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Search for correct date

Hover over Open Shift box and select "+" button

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Fill in info accordingly