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Rent Sons is a company dedicated to connecting Neighbors in our communities with young adults to help them complete their to-do lists. We seek "Sons" and "Daughters" who are fueled to intentionally grow as human beings and serve their communities. As a Son or Daughter, not only will you be helping Neighbors finish their to-do lists, but you'll be building invaluable connections and relationships.

Most young adults experience a transitional period before they discover their purpose in life. We hope we can help you figure that out.

Your Schedule

We want you to live a full life.

Get paid weekly as an Independent Contractor.

Claim odd jobs on an app to fit your schedule.

The Moo-Lah

We teach you how to save money with simple tax and investment practices, so you keep more money in your pocket.

Priceless Connections

When you work for Joe, all you know is that you're helping him move his couch.

You may not know that he owns the company you dream of working for one day.