9 Steps to Crushing Your First Job

Take/Drop Shift

Job is posted as an Open Shift and you take it.

When you request to drop a shift it is not dropped until it has been approved by your community builder.

Try to find coverage for your shift.

If You're On-Time, You're Late

  1. Click the Job Site to get directions to the job. I repeat, click Job Site. Not Location.
  2. Arrive 10 minutes early. Always give yourself more than enough time to arrive at a job site.
  3. When you arrive CLOCK IN.
  4. If you are running late, even 2 minutes late, CALL the Neighbor.
  5. If you're early, tips look better.
  6. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Knock Knock

Once you arrive at the job site, knock and say "Hi! I'm from Rent Sons, I'm here to do the _________ job."

Assess Job

If they didn't request a long enough time slot of Rent Sons work, contact your Community Builder ASAP.

Ex: Large garden bed landscaped in 2 hours when it really needs 4 hours.

Any red flags, contact your Community Builder.

*If Landscaping, painting, or cleaning, take a picture of the job before you start.

Don't Ass-U-Me

Any questions, ask the Neighbor.

"Hey Jane! Is this a plant or a weed?"

Prove Work Ethic

Approach everything with a “can-do” attitude and put forth your best effort.

Don’t leave your manners at home and keep your phone in your pocket.

Just be awesome! And Smile!

Finish Strong

Some jobs go under and some jobs go over, but every job needs to be finished strong. If you leave job unfinished, you won’t be paid for that job. If you have a scheduling conflict, contact your Community Builder ASAP.

After EVERY job, take 5 extra minutes and do a Dummy Check: complete any extra clean-up (tools, materials, etc.)

When a job finishes before the scheduled time, ask the Neighbor if they have more tasks they need done.

Consider the question “How can I make this person's day?”

If Landscaping, painting, or cleaning, take a picture of the job before you start.

Future Help

If the Neighbor needs anything else, let us know. Whatever they need, direct them to the website or to their Community Builder.

Clock Out

You're paid based on your time sheet in the App.

Make sure your hours are correct. If you don't have service or your phone died, adjust them as soon as you can.


NO CALL/ NO SHOW will result in deactivation from the When I Work app.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.