Tools to help save $

Over the course of your first 15 jobs, you'll work with a variety of Senior Sons, as well as your Community Builder, who will show you the ropes.

This is a job with a purpose. 1,000 hours (~1 year) = $15,000 + Connections + Character Growth + Knowledge

The Pay Breakdown

$11/hour + Tips + Bonuses Every 100 Hours + Educational Tools

After completing 500 hours, earn a raise to $12/hour and become a Senior Son

Insurance. All Sons and Daughters are required to carry insurance through Next Insurance.

Bonuses. If you work...

50 Hours/Month = $30 Bonus

100 Hours/Month = $60 Bonus

Tips: Our normal tips average from $20-$40 per job. In other words, you'll be averaging an additional $5/hr (in tips) per job, which means your average pay would be $15-$20/hr. 

Taxes: Download Quickbooks self-employeed. Here is a discount code. Its $4/month.

This App tracks every mile you travel for work, plus your expenses. You get a $0.55/mile deduction that most people never account for. 

The average savings from this app is $4,340/year.

Pay Day is every Monday. If the money hits earlier, that's a bonus. But don't expect it.

Keep the Money You Earn. Rent Sons are self-employed. Here's some perks that come with that:

You determine when you work. We can't make you work.

You keep every dollar we pay you. There's no payroll tax, but you're responsible for filing your own taxes at the end of the year.

Most people make money and then lose it to poor spending, investing, tax management, etc. 

So we want to help you out because a penny saved is a penny earned. Financial freedom is possible. TAKE THIS ADVICE. It will save you and make you thousands of dollars.

Micro Investments & Saving: Acorn - FREE

Acorn takes pennies on the dollar that you spend, then saves or invests it into smart portfolios. 

Example: You buy a coffee that's $2.50 with your credit card. It then rounds up and charges your card for $3. The $0.50 difference is then invested. All of a sudden you're saving this money that is continually growing in the market.

All In All

Make Good Money • Earn Tips

Learn Savings Practices

Grow Your Money in the Stock Market