Rent young adults to do the work you wish your kids would do.

We call clients "Neighbors" and workers "Sons" and "Daughters". 

The Community Builder of each town mentors our Sons and Daughters and helps find ways to serve their Rhode Island Neighbors.

Here's the Gist

Step 1

Tell us what you need done.


Step 2

Experienced, background checked, charming "Sons" will complete the job.

Step 3

Your Community Builder will call to ensure a job well done before we charge you.

Earnest Labor, Happy Neighbor

andy 4.jpg
Every spring, I get overwhelmed with work that needs to be done at my property. Rent Sons has been a terrific asset for me.
— Andy Snyder, Neighbor for 6 years
Jim Tumber, 4 year Neighbor
There’s a great deal of humanity involved in nearly everything they do.
— Jim Tumber, Neighbor for 4 years
Sharon Linder, 7 Year Customer
For six years, I continue to be amazed at the quality and skill set of the ‘Sons.’
— Sharon Linder, Neighbor for 7 years

Let's Get to Work.