Landscaping is an integral part of Rent Sons. Fortunately, working outside in a garden can be very therapeutic.

WEM: Weed-Edge-Mulch


Weeding gets rid of everything that does not belong. You have to pull everything by the roots or it will grow back!

  • Use the weeding stick to get the deep roots

  • Use the hull-a-hoe for larger low root areas

  • Dig the hull-a-how down into the ground and pull it towards you.

  • Be detailed. Check above and all around each plant.
  • Never assume it's a weed.

  • Everything was planted and has a place.

Raking & Edging

Raking helps in finding the weeds and clean things up before mulching.

  • Rake the weeds towards you
  • Dig through the dirt and pull out the roots and weeds
  • Put weeds in a bucket or lawn bag
  • Check with client on where to put the remains
  • Re-spread dirt out. DON’T take all the dirt from the garden

Edging is where you separate the garden from the lawn. Take the edger and make a line straight alongside the garden bed.



Mulching gives that beautiful manicured look. It also helps prevent weeds from growing back.

  • Lay 2”- 4” of mulch throughout the whole garden.

  • Ask the Neighbor how much mulch they want layed.

  • Everyone has different preferences

  • Avoid the edge. There should be no mulch within 2” of the edge

  • Leave 2” of space from bark plants/trees.

  • Sometimes there are chemicals in mulch that can poison the plants.