Lessons Learned (the hard way)


1. Before sons even go to the job, MAKE SURE that they are confident but know to be cautious. Tell them to call their Community Builder if they are unsure about how to go about something. Assume something could go wrong and do not force something. 

2. If something has happened and neighbor is unhappy about damage, keep calm and handle the situation professionally. 

3. Get everything that happened in writing. Have all Sons present text or email to you what happened immediately. Have them take photos of damage if they are still there.

4. Go to the job site and bring a notebook to go over the incident with the neighbor. Take notes so you get their side and they know that you are on top of it. 

5. Find an avenue to fix the wrong. Make it right! (new refrigerator door panel? Buff out scratches in a hard wood floor? Spackle a hole in a wall?)

6. Send apology email/card later on in the day.

7. If a neighbor just isn't happy about service and are rightfully upset, keep a good mindset. Some people are very hard to please. 


- Offer a free hour 

- Offer them free tool rentals for their next rental if you know they would need to rent tools


- It is important that we own what we are good at and don't do what we aren't good at or are unsure of. We can either 100% do a job, or not.

- Don't take on jobs you aren't confident taking. Know the job 100%! (ie: installing a drop ceiling)


1. Be stupidly clear with the Neighbor about what they want. Repeat what you think they want and have them clarify. If they have spoken to multiple people and it seems that there might be gray area on their expectations or what the job entails, the Community Builder for that area should reach out directly to get clarification.

2. If they ask for a quote, let them know that we do not do exact quotes but we can provide an ESTIMATE.

3. Touch base with Neighbor/realtor throughout the job. Send texts or emails with updates and/or pictures. Streamlined communication is SO important.