Money Management

Financial freedom starts with efficient money management, it doesn't have to do with just making more money. Take it from me, someone who has made and lost a lot of money, your financial freedom has to do with your ability to manage your money well. The reason a lot of us are bogged down is from Parkinson's law.

Parkinson's Law - No matter how much money people earn, they tend to spend the entire amount and a little bit more. Their expenses rise in lockstep with their earnings. Many people are earning today several times what they were earning at their first jobs. But somehow, they seem to need every single penny to maintain their current lifestyles. No matter how much they make, there never seems to be enough.

The article says, "“If you allow your expenses to increase at a slower rate than your earnings, and you save or invest the difference, you will become financially independent in your working lifetime.”

Get out your journal, watch this video, take notes, and see your time with Rent Sons grow your bank account versus just keeping you right where you are.

P.S. - This brings anxiety to a lot of people and being ignorant will keep you broke. Just face it. It's OK, its just numbers. This is 2nd grade math. You got this.


Your call what you want to do with your money. We are here to help the wise.

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Journal Questions

  1.  What was the scariest monthly expense you didn't realize how much you were spending? Mine was coffee and date nights!
  2. How much were you able to reduce your monthly expenses?
    1. How much are you auto putting aside into Acorns?
    2. Looking at the growth chart, how much will that grow in the next year? 5 years? 10 years? 40 years? 
  3. Whats the ONE thing you need to completely cut out? Mine is going out to dinner more than one time a week!
  4. Whats ONE new principle you're going to input into your saving?
    1. Auto Invest?
    2. Cash Stash?
  5. Do you want to travel? We love travel. A couple people on our team even live in vans!
    1. Where do you want to go?
    2. How much will it cost?
      1. Flight, Airbnb, food, fun, travel?

Life Bonus

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