Next steps

We are a start-up company with a plan to change the world and see local communities unite.

Our desire is for our Sons and Daughters to venture on to have phenomenal careers and/or rise in the company as we spread our mission.

Before the Group On-Boarding

Before you attend the in person Group On-Boarding you should have the following completed:

  • The DocuSign documents

  • The on-boarding quiz

  • Your payroll set up with Gusto

  • Insurance (or this can be done at the on-boarding if you need help!)

    During the Group On-Boarding

    During the group On-Boarding you will…

  • Obtain the insurance (if you haven’t signed up yet)

  • Go over using When I Work

  • Learn tips and tricks on how to do our most popular jobs

  • Meet part of the team

The Journey Begins Now