the odd part of the odd job

The Odd Job

Neighbors rent you to do whatever they need help with, for one hourly rate. We just cover the basics: Landscaping, painting, moving, party assistance, power washing, etc.

We don't do anything that takes special skills.

The Odd Part

Throughout the process of completing odd jobs, many practical life-skills will be embedded into your character: focus, determination, developing a learning mindset, finishing strong, etc. These skills are crucial when you're faced with life's inevitable challenges.


You'll be working side-by-side with Sons who may be experiencing similar life challenges, as well as with Neighbors who can share their years of experience.


What Happens

Jobs such as weeding or painting allows for conversation with your fellow Son or Neighbor.

Bonds are formed from these conversations. In addition, someone may have advice or insight into something you've been thinking about or struggling with.

No matter your background, when you're working side by side with someone, hard work ethic bridges those gaps and mutual respect is gained.

Many people you will work for are some of the most successful people in the world. Don't take this time for granted. Recent college graduates would spend their small fortunes just to get coffee with them, while you get to prove your strong work ethic and pick their brains..