SON Onboarding flow

A young adult hears about Rent Sons

  • They are directed to the Become a Son form.

  • They compete the form then schedule a call with either the Son Ambassador, Scheduler, or Office Manager.

  • The Community Builder sends them DocuSign docs, When I Work invite, Gusto set up, and an email with the on-boarding and insurance info.

  • Community Builder connects the new Son and Community Builder(s) in a group text.

  • Group Onboarding

Valuing and connecting with the Son

  • Call/text Son to set up a 7-10 minute phone call. BETTER YET: Set up a time to meet and grab coffee/snack/small lunch. You will get reimbursed up to $100/month. Stick to Sons in your Community.

    • Ask the following:

      • Do you feel comfortable lifting a heavy couch up a flight of stairs with another person?

      • Are you physically able to work a 6-8 hour day?

      • Do you know how to paint? If so, explain to me the steps to paint a room?

      • Experience landscaping? If so, how would you prep a garden for the summer?

      • Experience catering? Tent set up

      • Experience cleaning a boat?

      • Are you comfortable driving a van or U-Haul if needed?

      • Are there any types jobs that you definitely don’t want to do?

      • What are certain skills that you’d like to learn or expand on?

    • While with the Son or on the phone with them, get them scheduled on at least one shift, even if they have already started working. Make sure that they are clocking in/out correctly and know how to use the app.

    • Make sure that they know who the Senior Sons are in their community and let them know that they are a good learning resource.

    • Once you wrap up the call/meeting, email the Office Manager and let them know who you connected with, how, and what you need to be reimbursed (along with emailing over the receipt).

  • Call them an hour before their shift to make sure they are awake and they know you’re there. Make sure they know the plan and have the right supplies.

  • Text them after their first shift.

    • How did the day go?

    • What went well and why?

    • What could be worked on and why?

  • If possible, visit them on their first shift or second shift.

    • Bring them water or a snack.

  • After your first call, you can just text, This is important to show that YOU ARE THERE for them and care to ask if they got tipped and how everything is going

When Scheduling

  • Always check their availability in When I Work before reaching out about them taking jobs.

  • Make sure they are doing a variety of jobs with Senior Sons.

  • Be aware of how far they are driving.

  • Make sure they have time for lunch in between jobs.

Son personal/professional/financial growth

  • $14/hour base + tips.

  • Journal Program

    • Sons will receive a "Son Box" after we have seen that they are good workers and dedicated to Rent Sons. In this box there is a small journal along with other items. After every 100 hours worked, there will be a short reading, video, a TED talk, or podcast that touch on different areas that encompass life. We ask the Sons to journal about that piece and then have a conversation with the Son Ambassador about what it means to them. Then, they are given a "Life Bonus" that reflects what they journaled about.

  • Visit this page to learn more about how the Sons can move up to Senior Sons and beyond.