Onboarding flow

A young adult hears about Rent Sons

  • Through social media
  • From a friend who has been involved

They are directed to the Become a Son form

They complete the form

Review the Son’s Facebook link

    • People that fit the brand
    • People that enjoy helping people
    • Team players
    • Military
    • People that make you feel uncomfortable

Interview Process

  • Intro Call at Scheduled Time
  • Q & A
    • How did you hear about us?
    • Tell me about yourself
    • Why do you want to be a Son?
    • What are you passionate about?
      • Don’t ask their age, but ask questions so you get a good idea of how old they are
      • Ie: Are you a student/ out of school?
      • Ie: What work experience do you have since graduating/ for how long? etc.
    • What area of RI are you looking to work in?
      • Don’t ask if they have a car, but ask questions so they answer that for you without asking specifically
      • Ie: Would you have a difficult time getting to jobs scheduled in other communities?
    • What days & hours are you looking for each week?
    • Give simple breakdown about Rent Sons:
      • “Rent young adults to do the work you wish your kids would do. Landscape, paint, clean, drive to the airport, help with a party. Basically anything you don’t need a professional for. The goal of the business is to give you an amazing job and to serve the Neighbors of your community.”
    • Highlights of Rent Sons:
      • Claim jobs through an app and build out your own schedule
      • Create great relationships and learn from the Neighbors of your community
      • Quick raises as you work (pay raise of 50 cents every 15 jobs)
      • TIPS: Average $20/job
      • We teach you about managing taxes and learning investment practices to keep more money in your pocket
      • Our goal is that when you leave Rent Sons and begin your career, you’re far better prepared for life
    • Finalize
      • "If this sounds like something you’re interested in, we’d love to have you AND get you started!”

Begin Onboarding Process

  • Community Builder add them as employee which invites Son to When I Work
  • Send them the link: http://www.rentsons.com/meet-the-first-son
    • Password: fulllife (full life)
  • Have them read the book, Life to the Full, before they complete their first 15 jobs
    • Link is at the end of the online Son onboarding process
  • They'll be asked to have a convo about it before their first raise
  • Once they set their availability on the app, we will set them up with a job to work with another Son
    • They're almost always paired with another Son
    • ** Place them on a shift right away
  • Inform Admin to Send Gusto email to set up direct deposit
  • Send PandaDocs
    • Independent Contractor Agreement
    • W9 Form
    • Work Comp Waiver

Keeping the Brand

  • Manager meets Son at his first job
    • Make sure it’s a “brand identity” job
    • Make sure he’s paired with a Solid Son
  • Manager gives great first impression
  • Welcome card
  • $2 touch on job
    • Bring the water or snack
    • They need to feel and understand the brand
  • Gives welcome package ( journal and gloves and a “tips” card)
  • Call them an hour before their shift to make sure they are awake and they know you’re there
    • How did the day go?

    • What went well and why?

    • What could be worked on and why?

  • After your first call, you can just text, This is important to show that YOU ARE THERE for them and care to ask if they got tipped and how everything is going

When Scheduling

  • Make sure they are doing a variety of jobs with senior Sons
  • Be aware of how far they are driving
  • Make sure they have time for lunch in-between jobs

Son Growth: Raises

  • $10 base + $.50 every 15 jobs + Tips
  • Average Son makes around $5/h more/hour than the base
  • Before they get a raise to $10.50/h, they must journal the Life to the Full
  • Phone call 
  • After their 15 jobs, give them the book The Bigs
    • Written by one of our Neighbors, about doing well in a professional field
    • Every time before a raise they’ll do a short reading or watch a video to better their lives. They have to journal about each
    • *If they have manager potential, approach them about this as they near $12/h. Around then is when we are looking to transfer them into managing a new community