Truth is, everyone thinks they know how to paint. Watch this so you make sure you’re refreshed if it’s been a while.

Pro Tips


  1. Lightly sand and wipe down walls

  2. Tape off baseboards

  3. Lay down painters paper

  4. Organize your materials

  5. Have plenty of rags handy


  1. Priming is to be done when painting on bare wood surfaces

  2. Priming absorbs into the wood and paint coats & protects the wood

  3. Apply just one coat on a wooden surface

  4. You do not need to prime the wall if there’s a solid coat of paint

CTW- Ceiling, Trim, Walls

Painting in this order saves time and energy.

  1. First use a paintbrush to cover all areas you can’t get with a roller

  2. Normally needs 2 coats

  3. Next, use the roller

  4. Roll lightly, in an "X" formation