3-2-1 Policy

Sons are responsible for setting their work availability. It is one of the key elements to our service and life; staying true to your word. We have created a 3-2-1 policy to hold the Sons accountable. Violation of any 3-2-1 will cause removal from the Rent Sons platform. That is 3 tardies, 2 dropped shifts, or 1 no show.

3 - Tardiness. Each time a Son is late to a job, $1 will be deducted from their hourly pay and donated to our organization No Need Among Us.

2 - Uncovered dropped shifts. This is dropping a shift less than 4 days before the job without finding coverage themselves.
1 - No show. Son not showing up to their shift without valid reason.

Clocking Hours Policy

Clocking your hours allows us to get you paid on time. If you drove for Uber, picked up a passenger, but never clicked “start your ride”, you would not be paid for that ride.

  • Sons are only paid for the hours they clocked in their When I Work timesheet.

  • Sons must clock their time worked by the end of that work day.

  • If clock out notes do not clarify a tip, the Neighbor will not be asked to leave a tip.

Availability Policy

  • Accurate work availability must be set 7 days in advance. Each day must be filled!

  • Jobs will be put on Sons’ schedules according to their availability, location, and skill set.

  • Son’s may tweak their availability throughout the week as long as they are not already confirmed for a shift.

Performance Policy

  • If job site is left less than satisfactory, Son(s) must go clean up/fix mistakes before pay is received. Always confirm job is done with Neighbor before leaving a job site!

You will be held accountable to your responsibilities. You are responsible for your success or failure with these Rent Sons policies.