next steps


Everyone has a season. As much as we love you as a Son or Daughter, its time for you to be released into the wild. We want you to grow with our business or go out and do what you truly desire.


  1. What career area are you looking for?
  2. Whats important to your life style that you need to keep and are not going to sacrifice for a job?
    1. Working out? Sleeping? Travel?
  3. Where do you want to live?
    1. Community, Family?
  4. Do you care about stability now so you know every bill is covered and you can build a good base for a family or are you more interested in a higher risk with the potential for future growth?
  5. Are you more of a BLUE Collar or WHITE Collar person? Bring work home with you mentally or leave it at work?
  6. Do you care more about your craft? Do you love communicating with people?


After you journal and chat with your Community Builder, we will make the connection to any door you need opened.