Living for yourself, you'll never be happy. The earlier you can accept that as fact, the happier you will be. Creating a life devoted to serving others is what will get you inspired and give you purpose. Can't stress this enough and how many people fall for the lie a good life is about "me me me."

Jesus, the man that literally flipped the world upside down, did so by small moments. Moments where he helped one person and told them to tell no one. If you were savior of the world, would that be your strategy? I would hold conferences in Rome and make sure everyone knew, but not Jesus. Yet 2000 years later, He's caused religions, 6 billion copies of the bible sold and integrated his way into nearly every culture. No one has made that kind of difference in the world, ever.

So, if you want to make the biggest difference, it may just be with one person. Position your heart towards helping people, even if you're being paid for it, and see the difference it makes.


  1. What cause are you interested in having serving be part of your life?
  2. Do you see your work as service? How are you helping better the world?
  3. Bettering the world doesn't have to be helping a billion people, it could be just greatly helping one. Whats one moment that helped for you?



Once you journal and chat with your Community Builder, we will pay you for you to go help a stranger of your choice for two hours that lives in your community.