Simple Invoices

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The name says it all....sending an invoice is simple! There is no app but the website is very mobile friendly.

To Create a New Invoice

  1. Click the blue New Invoice button in the top right corner.

  2. Click the drop down menu and find the email address of the client you are looking for.

    • If you cannot find them, just add their name and email address.

  3. Click the Items tab at the top. This is where you'll add the labor and materials.

  4. For Son labor, click the light gray 123 next to the text box. This allows you to add quantities.

    • Each Son is a different item

      • Example: Son 1 $30 x 5 (hours)

      • Son 2 $30 x 3 (hours)

  5. For materials/van/uHaul add another item line and put what the item is as the description.

  6. Add tolls, mileage, and gas to separate item lines.

  7. Click the Options tab.

    • You can add notes.

    • You can also add a percent or dollar amount discount. This is where you'd reflect a free hour or other type of discount.

  8. You may then save the invoice as a draft if the job isn't completed yet.

  9. If the job has been completed you can just send it to the Neighbor. They have 12 hours to pay the invoice themselves before the Office Manager charges the card on file.

To Edit an Invoice

  1. Click the invoice number.

  2. After making your edits, click Save on the right.

  3. To send the edited copy to the Neighbor, click Send Reminder.



  • Sons take photos of the receipts and send to builder and

  • Son is venmo’d