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Sometimes on the job, Sons use their own money to put gas in the van or uHaul, use their own truck, or buy supplies. 

In this channel, you will put the amount, name of Son, and what the reimbursement is for. This ensures that the Son gets their reimbursement in their next paycheck. 



When you schedule a job where you know the van will be needed, state the day and time into this channel so that we don't over book the van.



When a Neighbor sets up their Neighbor Account, their email address will get added to this channel. This channel keeps record of payments, refunds, and when new clients are added. If you need to verify that a Neighbor has an account set up, you can search this channel. Just because we have their info in Agile, it doesn't mean that we have their card info in Stripe!

If you cannot find the Neighbor in this channel, double check by searching their email address on Stripe. If you still cannot find it, send the Neighbor the link to set up their Neighbor account.