We’ve had over 500 Sons and Daughters work for Rent Sons over the years. We meet each one along a different part of their journey. While they are with us, we hope they learn something, meet someone or experience something that impacts their life for the better in some way. We’ve seen so many lives change at Rent Sons and we want to make sure those stories are heard. We’ll be sharing these stories over Facebook  and Instagram check them out!

That brings us to the most important part: your story. Your story matters because it’s real and can inspire others to see more in themselves. Stories have always played an important part in every place, culture, and community. We want to capture and share the stories of the Sons and Daughter in our community.

Tell us whatever you like! Some questions to think about including are

    • “Where do you come from?”
    • “Why are you working for Rent Sons?”
    • “What have you learned so far?”
    • “What’s a special or funny moment you’ve had serving Neighbors in your community?”
    • “What’s your favorite part about the job?”
    • “What are your hopes, dreams, and plans?”
    • “What does it mean to live a full life?”

For some, we also want to know, “What are you doing now?”

We love stories of past Sons and Daughters who have moved on! After Rent Sons, some of our young people have gone on to do other great meaningful things, like become a Green Beret in the U.S. Army Special Forces, or a semi-professional football player, or a local pastor.

So… we and the world want to know: “What’s Your Story?”

Use the form below to tell us your story!