This works like Uber.

Go to Alert preferences. Select all the message icons and de-select mail icons.

Adjust your availability! You are responsible for communicating when you are available to work and when you are unavailable due to other commitments.

When a job is scheduled, it's posted as an Open Shift on the App.

You can then Take Shift on the App. 

When you get to a job site (NOT LOCATION), be sure to Clock In.

When you leave, Clock Out.

If you forget to clock in and/or clock out, immediately adjust your timesheet. That's what we use to pay you. See video below.

When you request to drop a shift it is not dropped until it has been approved by your community builder. 

Try to find coverage for your shift.

How to Adjust Hours on Timesheet

  1. Tap Timesheets, bottom center icon

  2. Select the current Pay Period

  3. Tap the "+" sign, the top left corner

  4. Add the correct information from the job site and adjust your hours accordingly!

Usually at the end of your job we call the Neighbor to ask how everything went and collect the payment.

If you don’t adjust your hours by the end of that day, and forget to adjust them by the time we run payroll, you won’t get paid for the hours that aren’t accounted for on your timesheet.

Other questions answered here :)

Let us know when you want to work

Updating your availability is an important weekly responsibility. The Community Builders will help fill your selected times as the jobs come in.