At the end of this onboarding, there will be a short quiz. You must score 100% to begin working so take notes! We just want you to be fully prepared!

Who We Are

Our heart is to provide young adults with the opportunities to gain strong work ethic, build solid relationships within their communities, as well as inspire, encourage and enable them to accomplish their dreams.


Live out an honest moral compass

Set a positive example and maintain an upstanding reputation

The highest form of love; serving others unconditionally

Meet the Peeps of Your Community

The Son (or Daughter) is you. Someone who cares about where they live, desire to help people around their community, and are currently exploring what a full life looks like.


The Community Builder is the person who's here to support you and serve their community along the way. They're your "go-to" for anything you need. 

The Neighbor is our client, we just "blah" the word client. You know, Joe Smith, next door. We work for and serve our Neighbors with Agape Love.

Because of Rent Sons, my parents are able to stay living in their home.
Thank you! I’m extremely grateful to work as a Son, I really enjoy working here.