VAN & Tool Rentals

When you rent Sons or Daughters, you get the person, not tools. Many Neighbors will ask us to come over to rake their yard and give half of us a rake and wonder why the job isn't going faster. As the old saying goes, "you can't take tools away from a man and expect him to do his job the same."

Therefore, we've come up with a solution. Introducing tool rentals.


Van Rental: $35/day + $.50/mile

Many Neighbors have things to be moved or junk to be hauled away. We can supply vans to help out and they are about 1/2 the price of a U-haul. (U-haul may say 19.99, but its really $19.99 + $26 Insurance + $.99/mile + Gas). If you need a brush/junk removal or a move, these can be perfect. 


Power Tools - $20/tool/day

Sometimes we need to bring some power tools when hand tools aren't doing the trick. You can rent whatever power tool you need from us for the Sons to use. If we don't have it, we will go to Home Depot and get it (within reason).

Power tools we provide: sanders, lawn mower, drills, hedge trimmer, etc.

Tools we would rent out: power washer.


Hand Tools - $10/tool/day

We highly recommend you provide the Sons adequate tools for the job. It will always cost you more to have the Son work longer with the wrong tools than to rent the right tools and have the job not take as long.

Tools we provide: rake, weeding kit, shovels, hammers, all-in-one screw drivers, etc.

(wheel barrow is $20)