Travelling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
— Ibn Battuta

  2. Travel:

    1. CONTENT: Personal video

      1. Reasons to travel:

        1. Expand your mind

        2. Syke yourself up for your next adventure once you’re back

          1. Ex. when I went to Puerto Rico

        3. Appreciate where you’re from

        4. Rest, Reset, Refocus

      2. How to travel:

        1. Getting there:

          1. Domestic:

            1. Southwest credit card:

              1. You’ll be blown away on how much you can travel.

              2. I traveled coast to coast 5 times in a year for free. San fran, san diego, seattle, PR and Nashville

              3. How to rack up points:

                1. Buy brunch when you go out and have everyone venmo/cash app you

                2. for rent or bigger expenses (to acquire your initial 40,000 bonus points after you spend $1000 in the first 3 months)

          2. International

            1. Norwegian and Ryanair make flying around Europe very cheap.

            2. One ways* Get somewhere then take one ways from there.


        2. Saving for it:

          1. Someone once said “Dude only millionaires travel as much as you do. I was always confused because I knew I was almost always broke, just was able to save a couple grand.”

          2. Credit card points is #1

            1. I like travel specific credit cards, because it MAKES me travel. Cash back,  can easily spend it on something stupid. Travel MAKES me go somewhere, which is the most important part


          3. Acorns - After 6 months to a year, you’ll have enough in your account just from pennies on the dollar to have a trip saved up for ($600-$1000)

            1. INSERT ACORNS LINK

          4. CASH - Put your tips in envelopes and seal them every $500. Save up 2-4 envelopes and you’ll be all set.

          5. Basically, don’t spend stupid. Sounds easier than it is.

        3. Once you’re there:

          1. ASK LOCALS:

            1. Learn the language (a little) hello, thank you and how do you say in the language. Your body language will be huge and a thank you goes a long way if said with sincerity

            2. You’re a tourist and a lot of countries make money off us. They have it to a science. Get out of those areas then ask locals where to go

            3. Don’t be dumb, protect your money and valuables etc, but also, people aren’t as scary as you think. People are made for people so they aren’t always that bad. I’ve met some of my best friends in a foreign country ona beach. Embracing adventures.

          2. Friends places, Airbnb & Hostel:

            1. If you haven’t heard about this revolutionary service, you gotta check this out. Here you can rent people’s homes or rooms for very cheap. $20-$40/night to get a really nice local experience.

            2. When you get to where you’re going, just buy your first AIRBNB from there start asking locals and find where you want to go next. They’ll tell you about cool hostels, locations etc that you never thought existed before.

            3. I’d say once a week, throw in a hotel or something to treat yourself. A hotel is worth it and if you get breakfast, it's a 2x whammy.

          3. EATING:

            1. This area is dangerous. Ask where to go. I’d commit one treat yourself meal and the rest, go cheap. You’re going to want to go big with every place you go. I’d say just go big once. SAME goes for things you buy. A lot of times, the “local sweatshirt” is just from china. Ask a local where to buy.

          4. CAR RENTAL: 25-50/day after insurance is all you should spend. Don’t rent a car from the airport. If you go slightly outside, you can ask from there and probably save nearly 50%. Just take a bus outside there.

          5. Get their full insurance, don’t get the online one if you’re buying from an online rental place. It more, btu the online ones just reimburse you.

        4. Where to go:

          1. Depends what you like but i’d recommend awesome places on the off season. In season cities, you’re going to spend an arm and a leg. Most people want to go to the big city and with that, comes a lot of things that are only possible if you spend money. You’ll quickly run out of money. My favorite places in my travel are those small towns in between the big cities I pass.  

          2. When I was in Lisbon, I ended up checking out Nazare. Ended up meeting the world record holder for the biggest wave surfed, bought his board and stayed in a multimillion dollar airbnb overlooking the city for $30/night.

        5. LONGER TRAVEL:

          1. If you go away for a while, i say go for one ways. Go to google flights and click explore. You will find so many cheap flights. While my girlfriend Taylor and I were in Spain, we wanted to find somewhere to go and we ended up flying to an island off Africa for $150 round trip that we bought 2 days before the flight.

    2. Questions:

      1. What's your DREAM place to go, and when can you swing it?

        1. Make sure its the off season

      2. Why do you want to go? What kind of clarity on life are you hoping to get?

      3. What are hoping to gain from it?

        1. Rest? Reset? Refocus?

      4. Budget it: How much will it cost? Are you traveling to Europe? How much is the USD worth and how much is a standard meal

        1. Flight

          1. Where is cheap? One ways to get there?

        2. Airbnb

          1. Look some up and get basic idea

        3. Cars

        4. Food

          1. Don’t fool yourself that you’re going to eat in every night

        5. Extra items

    3. BONUS: Airbnb credits

      1. Between the southwest credit card, acorns, your tips and these tips, should get where you want to go. Once you’re there, we will credit you $30 in Airbnb credits to get you started. :).

        1. Thanks for intentionally living and growing

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