Who Knows their Neighbor?

In a technologically connected world, why does it seem so isolated? Our ability to bury ourselves into our phones and social status has limited us from getting to know each other. Doing life without people can cause loneliness, emptiness and depression. In fact, the depression rate is higher than ever today.

Rent Sons is focused on helping and getting to know people! All of the Neighbors we've helped over the years have special relationships with their Sons in ways that go far beyond helping them with an odd job around the house.

Grow the World's Youth

We have kids growing up who are so attached to their phones that they have a hard time navigating life. We are passionate about teaching people that life is meant for thriving, not just surviving.

Odd jobs teach life. There's something about the simple interactions between people, working hard, and finishing a job strong that stretches deep into their character and affects them for the rest of their lives.