Meet the First Son

When I was in college, I was broke, and was told to drop out because my family couldn't afford to pay for school. I loved college and needed to find a way to pay for it. Instead of looking for scholarships or something that would probably be a lot easier, I used the $40 in my bank account to print out flyers and knocked on every door in my home town to say "Hey! I'll do whatever you want for $15ph." Over the next three years, with only working this summer business, I was able to pay for college.

When I was a Junior, I co-founded a water special effects company called AQUA in which we created water hologram concerts and festivals for the world's top DJs and pop artists. It was super fun for my young 20's but when I was off tour, I would come home and do Rent Sons again. I don't know what it was about that basic labor and relationships I formed with my Neighbors, but they were extremely special to me.

I had a moment and realized how special this business really was. We completed jobs for people that desperately needed them completed for one hourly rate. We gave kids work and saw lives drastically changed from these simple odd jobs. And we built very valuable relationships, and may I say life long friendships with our Neighbors. This was real community.

At the end of 2016, I looked around and saw so many kids hating their jobs and it blew my mind. I saw tons of jobs needing to get done and a country more divided than ever. I had an eureka moment, folded AQUA, and went all in.

Now, here I am, on a mission to replicate my small town business across America and through out the entire world. To see small town's united through odd jobs, give kids great jobs, teach them strong work fundamentals and inspire them for the rest of their lives. I want everyone to be apart of real community.